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Federal Equipment and Services offers custom made US solutions. It has been founded on technology, innovation and quality principals.


As a manufacturer we help you meet the challenges of time and quality. More and more the consumer wants a faster product with high quality. Our products are US Made and the great advantage is that if you have a die casting job that requires a second operation; such as powder coating or luster finishing you do not have to waste money and time in shipping it to a second supplier. All the jobs are done at the same manufacturing plant.


We have countless customers who we have been working with since Federal Equipment and Services inception as the original WR Brown Company since 1920. Our name and experience backs up our claims. 

Contact us to get a quote for your die casting, powder coating needs and luster finishing.

Our Services Include

die castingpowder

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Speedy Spray was born in May, 1947. Customers who have purchased painting equipment from Speedy Sprayer over 70 years ago are still looking for these high quality products MADE IN USA

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